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I have entered a new phase of my life. I'm going to have some fun. I am now officially a Get' Away Gal.

Janet Brown found the group before I did. In fact, Lindy Mall held a big reception for them with lots of goodies last Friday morning. Janet is really good about welcoming and pampering visitors to Malakoff and sending them on to visit all the other shops in town, which ends up benefiting everybody.

I met a couple of them at Juanita's Antiques Saturday (they love to shop) and they invited me to visit them where they were encamped at Caney Cove in Caney City.

I was invited for high tea, served by Renee' Usie outside her trailer, which I believe had a teapot on the side, along with 20 or 30 other G-G's, as they call themselves, where we feasted on our choices of at least a dozen goodies, supplied by other G-G's.

They are wonderful cooks, by the way, as I saw that night when I came back for potluck dinner. I had the best beans I'd ever had in my life, and got the secret: chicken bullion! After dinner we played some games I'd never heard of and had a hilarious time. I want to go back and play with these ladies some more!

There were somewhere between 40 and 50 ladies out there last weekend, most of them in Rvs, many of them brightly decorated. Total membership is around 250. I joined as number 246, and I know at least a couple more joined after I did. Members come from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. There are no dues and few rules. You've got to be female, and over 21, and you are instructed "to live the good life while you can, laugh till you pee your pants, and get away every chance you get."

There is a wide variation in age. I'd guess the average age group is "healthy retired." But there are some rather young women, and a few very old ones (that means a year or so older than me). You don't even have to have a RV. To keep everybody in touch there is a website and an invitation-only Facebook page. Once a month there is a planned getaway. Next month is Bandera, with an alternate in Ft. Worth, then November is Austin. The one I want to make is next February when the group celebrates Mardi Gras in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

The group was started just last January by Dixie Taylor, who I knew as Dixie Chapman years ago, when she had a boutique in Athens Alley. I could occasionally sell her an ad when I was in the newspaper business. Dixie is absolutely in charge - dynamic, charming - "the hostess with the mostest."

If you ever cross paths with these ladies - and you probably will, because they go lots of places - be sure and go take a look at their RVs. About a quarter of them are distinctively decorated, inside and out. For example, Dixie's travel trailer is emblazoned with the name "Southern Belle" and a painting of a near life-size southern belle. She has a couple of slogans, or quotations on there, too. One of them says something like, "I put my big girl panties on and learned how to pull this thing. Now if I could just learn how to park it." Something like that. Inside, it is all very feminine, all teacups and roses and doilies. One of the gals from Louisiana has an alligator on the side of hers.

I really enjoyed visiting with JoAnn Edgar. Her trailer is "The Tumbleweed Hotel." Outside, it is adorned with a huge cactus and a longhorn skull. Inside, it is all black and red lace and stuff, with a 19th century naughty look. Some other trailers are named "Vamanos," "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and "Lil bit."

You can check them out on their website,, and you can contact them at getawaygals They'd love to hear from you, and I'll guarantee, you'd love to get to know these gals.

(The above article was written by Loretta Humble, GG#246, for the Malakoff News.  9/22/2011)


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