GG Songs


Coming Down the Highway by Jo Wilhelm

(To the tune of Coming Round the Mountain)

We’ll be coming down the high ways- here we come

We’ll be coming down the byways- here we come

We will pull in with our campers

And we won’t have any dampers

Cause we’ re having so much fun, here we come.


GG’s always have a good time when we come

GG’s love and laugh together when we come

We all sing and dance and twirl

Give our cocktail glass a swirl

Cause we’re having so much fun when we come.


It all has to end sometime when we come

And it always comes too soon, when we come

We will pack it all away

And look forward to the next day

When we’ll all be back together,,,, here we come.

(May 2012)

 © get’away gals